The Trouble with Talking Feedback Programme

Feedback is a fact of Business. Regardless of whether you are manager or a co-worker - in todays world your professional life requires you to give and receive feedback.

The way we give feedback makes a difference. It could be the difference between:

Guiding and motivating an individual to reach new heights, master a skill they have struggled with or give them clarity around what is required.


Demoralising the individual leaving them feeling, stupid, a failure, disappointed their efforts were not appreciated and making them ultimately un-engaged thus affecting future work and the their and possibly the teams morale.

The Trouble with Talking Feedback Programme tackles the challenges of giving and receiving feedback. The workshop tackles:

Giving feedback:

  • Context, Purpose and Preparation
  • Overcoming the challenges
  • The essential skills

Receiving feedback:

  • Managing reactions, deciphering the messages through your reaction
  • Converting constructive and unhelpful feedback into something useful
  • Moving forward.

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