The Trouble with Talking Feedback Programme

Feedback is a fact of Business. Regardless of whether you are manager or a co-worker - in todays world your professional life requires you to give and receive feedback.

The way we give feedback makes a difference. It could be the difference between:

Guiding and motivating an individual to reach new heights, master a skill they have struggled with or give them clarity around what is required.


Demoralising the individual leaving them feeling, stupid, a failure, disappointed their efforts were not appreciated and making them ultimately un-engaged thus affecting future work and the their and possibly the teams morale.

The Trouble with Talking Feedback Programme tackles the challenges of giving and receiving feedback. The workshop tackles:

Giving feedback:

  • Context, Purpose and Preparation
  • Overcoming the challenges
  • The essential skills

Receiving feedback:

  • Managing reactions, deciphering the messages through your reaction
  • Converting constructive and unhelpful feedback into something useful
  • Moving forward.

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The Trouble with Talking Foundation Programme

All of The Trouble with Talking programmes, are competency skills based programmes that provide participants with immediate skills to use in the workplace.

The Trouble with Talking Foundation Programme provides participants a deeper understanding of their relationship with power and how it impacts their communications.

They will learn the ability to handle boundaries, road blocks and issues. They will find they can influence and motivate and reach accelerated agreement in different situations. How the programme is rolled out will see organsiations go through a rapid shift into effective conversations and outcomes.

The Trouble with Talking Foundation Programme covers:

  • Leadership and power:
    You use power according to how you acknowledge it within yourself. This section explores your relationship with power and how your preferences impact on your ability to lead, connect and detach.
  • Boundaries, roadblocks and issues:
    How you handle roadblocks and issues will be seen and evaluated by others. Handled poorly they will hold you back (and those around you) from being able to effectively achieve your outcomes. This section explores how to put boundaries around inappropriate behaviour, address issues and handle roadblocks.
  • Influence and Motivation:
    In the effort to influence or motivate people we tend to approach others in the way we would like to be approached. We expect others to see our logic, reasoning and in turn align with our views. Unfortunately, this approach is bound to see you and those around you repeat approaches that will lead to frustration and roadblocks. This section introduces a variety of approaches designed to create flexibility and options.
  • Accelerated agreement:
    Reaching agreement, even when parties are aligned let alone when there are issues to resolve, can be beyond difficult. Sometimes the smaller the detail the harder it is to agree. This section explores techniques to identify differences, tackle issues, empower conversation and reach agreement.

From those core competencies we can model individual programmes to suit any situation for a person or an organisation.

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