Managing Boundaries, Issues and Roadblocks

Good fences make good neighbours

Robert Frost (four times winner of Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry)

Robert Frost’s words are wise and sound advice for managing issues and roadblocks. Do you know what your personal boundaries are? Do you know how to proactively handle issues and roadblocks?

Without good fences - your personal boundaries - how can you indicate to others that their behaviours or actions are unacceptable or uncomfortable?

Knowing your boundaries and what is acceptable and unacceptable is just the beginning.

  • Are you comfortable to put boundaries around inappropriate behaviours or actions?
  • Do you struggle finding the right words?
  • Are you comfortable using the words you require?
  • Are you worried about the response or subsequent repercussions?
  • Can you tap into your personal power to ask for or enforce those boundaries, your boundaries?

So, what are the - your - consequences? Without telling people when they cross a boundary - be it a work, social or personal boundary - by saying nothing you are consenting them to repeat the same behaviour. Is this how you want to live your life?

Managing boundaries, issues and roadblocks is the second section of our Trouble with Talking Foundation Programme. Join us on this programme and learn how to build sound fences, have effective conversations and build your credibility.

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