Accelerated Agreement

How many times have you heard; 'It won't work. I think this is bullshit'!!!

And then, what was a constructive discussion deteriorates into a positional, line in the sand roadblock where statements such as, ‘over my dead body’ are made that make it very difficult to move forward or save face.

Accelerated Agreement is 1st Call’s methodology used to shift from all-or-nothing thinking to ultimately reach agreement on how to achieve organisational goal(s).

We achieve this by deconstructing the problem(s) and reconstructing the solution(s).

We teach you how to:

  • Shift from roadblocks to open dialogue.
  • Identify areas of alignment and ‘disconnect’.
  • Deconstruct the situation, identifying constraints and limits to the problem.
  • Reconstruct the situation’ identifying constraints and limits to potential solutions.
  • Identify how to reach agreement within an agreed framework and authority.
  • Identify how to reach agreement when you cannot agree on a decision making framework, area of authority and responsibility.

Your credibility is judged on how you lead though difficult conversation. Reaching an agreement when there are multiple views on the table is one of those situations. Does your credibility hold it’s own in leading multiple parties to agreement and action. Or does it become fractured.

Accelerated Agreement is the fourth section of the Trouble with Talking Foundation Programme. Join us on this programme to develop a deeper understanding of the essential components to reaching agreement and how you can lead your team into accelerated decision-making.  

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