About My Blog

The trouble with talking offers insight into interpersonal communication. 

In particular, I will be looking at those facets of communication that build your credibility, create impact, influence and effect change. This exploration would not be complete without also examining how credibility is fractured or destroyed.  

My journey to becoming a Communications Specialist started from a fascination with watching people in every-day conversation on auto pilot and oblivious to their impacts. The magic in mastering our communication processes lies in being able to create the change and outcomes you want - learning to see beyond the presented self is only the beginning.

The writing here is based on real stories, my own and my clients.

Examining communication behaviour can be brutal resulting in personal confrontations and bruised egos. I have used where possible real situations and consequences.  The names, as they say, have been changed to save the innocent (or otherwise). 

If you see yourself in a story and like it. Congratulations for being awake.

If you see yourself in a story and it is your name, this is a coincidence.

However, if you see yourself in a story and you don’t like it my hope is that you will also explore other areas for tips and skills. If you cannot see what you need contact me and I will do my best to respond to your needs. 

I am Tess Brook, and my passion lies in finding the beauty or the sweet spot in communication so that it can be flexible, appropriate, wonderfully rich and most importantly - effective. 

The trouble with talking is about creating these effective outcomes… And it begins with you….