A team in crisis

For the team members, having the opportunity to work through the team issues with a conflict coach and being off-site was extremely beneficial and a critical element to improving relationships and delivering a focused future orientated achievable plan.

The process did not take long before thinking and conversations stopped focusing on current problems and how things happened over time. Most of the time was focused on future interactions and what was best to achieve for the team.

Victoria Chalmers
Director Health Contact Centre
Community and scientific Support health Support Services
Department of Health, Queensland Government


I really appreciated Tess’s support over the last few months.  The process we have been through has been invaluable to the team.  It has been such a privilege and pleasure for me to have developed some skills and acquired new ones to handle difficult and trying situations.

Communication has improved and the whole team are noticeably happier at work.

I definitely feel much more confident within my role. 

Lisa Lee
Clinical Nurse – QLD Health


Team and personal skill development – High Conflict

Tess Brook has been welcomed influence since meeting her at a Leadership Communications course. She offers her insights with full attention to how the little aspects of language, communication and gestures can make or break an impact you have with an individual or group. Tess’s “Bill Eddy” workshop on “High Conflict Individuals” let me walk away with a simple strategy to use in my next high conflict meeting – almost to the point of –“is it that simple?” And yes – yes it was! Amazing! You can see Tess’s passion come through in the way she talks about her programmes and areas of interest and her experiences that have led to the development of these programmes for leaders and individuals interested in making a change to how they interact on a daily basis.”

Heidi Caruso

HR Business Partner Energex


Shifting from a push to a pull model of communication for critical and important workplace polices and procedures

As an organisation we needed to more effectively communicate and make available our workplace policies and procedures. We were also looking down the barrel of an audit. We knew we needed to do something. Tess took me through the process of designing an organisation wide approach to communication, identifying priorities, writing style for ease of information retrieval for both the individual and department needs as well as identifying a fit for purpose approach to managing our controlled documents. We had previously employed and paid a small fortune for quality specialist and end up with a system to big for us to maintain and nobody used it. We now have rewritten many of our key documents in the Information Mapping style, and the staff use them. Yes use them. We are working through the rest of our documents. We delivery the documents on-line in their department team pages and I run a behind the scenes simple fit for purpose quality system. 

Tess led me through an in depth education process. I found Tess to be very patient and thorough explaining new processes to me and ensuring that I had the correct understanding. She continuously offered me encouragement and made me step out of my comfort zone into areas that I had previously not explored. During this process I developed new skills and gained confidence. Tess was always there for me to check out any potential issues. What could have been a very tedious process became an event of learning and self-development.  A pleasure to work with a true professional. And we past the audit with flying colours.

Maria Mallison
Compliance Manager
Australian Communication Exchange Limited