A quick site guide

Here is a quick navigation of things that may be of interest to you:

1.     Blog postings that explore the relationship between communications and credibility.

2.     Problematic words - You can read on-line, print a hardcopy or listen via Sound Cloud to see the issues with using certain words.

3.     Creating space - A zone dedicated to reminding you to create, find or protect your space in order to step up and stay focused on the bigger picture and not lose it in the details. You can read about it or use the power of images to very quickly remind yourself where you need to be.

4.     Learn about my programmes and read related articles including:

·       Your relationship with power and how it influences the language you use. 

·       Boundaries issues and roadblocks - how handling them poorly can impact your credibility.

·       Influence and Motivation - learn how to influence and motivate others to achieve your project or organisational goals.

·       Accelerated agreement - learn how to reach agreement quickly, especially when many views are on the table.

Have fun exploring.